How do I add mods?

The are two options for adding mods to your server.

The first is via the Steam Workshop tab in the Game Panel.

Simply search for the mod you want and click "Install". Mod collections can also be added by checking the "Collections" box at the top left of the frame.

The second is via our mod install/update script. This method is useful if you wish to add large mods and the previous method is failing or already have your mod list created.

  1. In order to find available mods, open Steam and navigate to the ARK workshop. Search for a mod you'd like to use on your server.
  2. At the end of the link shown in the workshop listing, there is a number value. Copy this number value down. See the image below. If you can't see the URL, you'll need to enable it in your Steam settings.
  4. Log into our game control panel at
  5. Go to the Configuration Files section of the panel and open the gameusersettings.ini with the text editor.
  6. Add "ActiveMods=modID1,modID2,etc" under the [ServerSettings] heading having each mod ID separated by a comma. Do not place a comma after the last mod ID. For example, for Valhalla and Annunaki, ActiveMods=504122600,538986229. Save the file.
  7. Click on the Mod Manager icon and install the Mod Install/Update Script. Then install the mods you placed in the ActiveMods section earlier via the Install Mods button. This is done by copying the mod ids, separated by a comma, into the GameModIds field and clicking "Execute". You can install your whole mod list at one time.

If you are using a custom map you will also need to add the map name to your commandline.

  1. Open your Commandline Manager, if you haven't already made a custom command line, create a new one.
  2. Check (enable) the selection box next to the 'Map & Options' text box. If you're using a custom map, replace TheIsland with the custom map name. Most maps will give instructions on what to use for map name or you can find DLC map names here.
  3. Save and select the new command line. Make sure you click "select" to the right of the commandline every time you make changes in order to enable them.

Finally, start the server and verify the installation.

NOTES: Whenever you remove mods, it's suggested that you reset your saved data. Otherwise, the old mod data may cause conflicts with your server. We always recommend only using active and updated mods, for ARK is a game which sees many game/devkit updates which will introduce confliction with mods. Mods may be outdated upon release of new game updates which have caused issues for server owners in the past (data loss, crashing). Not all mods are supported for multiplayer or mod stacking (multiple mods). Unfortunately we cannot provide technical support related to mods as they are created by 3rd party entities.

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